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Advice for the people who have gained weight over Christmas

I live very much in the real world so I know that a lot of people gained weight over the festive season. It wasn’t inevitable or a foregone conclusion that this would happen but for a lot of people it did.

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Posted 17/01/2013

What are you really giving up when you "give up" smoking?

I make absolutely no secret of the fact I used to smoke. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of this fact. It was something that I did for a great many years and at one point I actually thought it was an integral part of my personality. I was a smoker. It wasn’t something that I did, it was who I was. It did indeed define me.

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Posted 20/12/2012

Why wait to lose weight?

Imagine starting the New Year feeling positive and in control of your weight.

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Posted 10/12/2012

Executive Stress Management

Recently one of my former clients - whilst referring another of his colleagues to me for stress management - suggested that I formalise a standard solution that could be marketed for 'executive' clients.

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Posted 20/11/2012

Hypnotherapy in the Wirral

After numerous requests for Hypnotherapy in the Wirral and what seems like an age looking for suitable premises I am pleased to announce that Merseyside Hypnotherapy now has a practise in West Kirby.

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Posted 30/03/2016

Getting over an Ex.

How Hypnotherapy in Liverpool and Hypnotherapy in the Wirral can help you move on when I relationship ends.

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Posted 10/11/2010

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Clearing up a few misconceptions about hypnotherapy for stopping smoking.

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Posted 30/03/2016

Hypnotherapy in Liverpool- What to expect

Reassuring words for a client new to therapy

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Posted 21/11/2010

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Does the Hypnotherapy for Weight loss Programme work?

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Posted 30/03/2016

New Offices in West Kirby

What can you expect when visiting Merseyside Hypnotherapy at West Kirby Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic?

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Posted 29/11/2010

Blog Monthly Archives: June 2010

Advice for the people who have gained weight over Christmas

Posted 17 January 2013

I live very much in the real world so I know that a lot of people gained weight over the festive season.  It wasn't inevitable or a foregone conclusion that this would happen but for a lot of people it did.  As a consequence people are now focussing their attention on doing something about this issue and are making it a priority in their lives. It is accepted that Memberships of gyms and weight loss clubs always peek in January due to weight loss being included in a lot of New Years' resolution lists.

I'm a Coach/Psychotherapist who is passionate about people living wonderful lives so I see having a slim and healthy body as hugely positive goal. To this aim if you have gained unwanted weight over Christmas I want to offer you some advice that has worked for me in the past and works for my clients regardless of their goals.

Firstly.  Relax about it.  When I say relax about weight gain this isn't me trivialising the issue.  I don't want you to think that I don't take weight related issues seriously because the opposite is true.  I know from a professional and personal perspective that being overweight can have a profound effect on our health, the way we see ourselves and our joy of living.  However I have never known a problem that can't be made worse by worrying about it. And as one of my trainers once said "you can't worry your way to a solution for a problem".

In fact isn't everything easier when we are relaxed from parallel parking to passing an examination? And when we worry or get stressed things that we can normally do with ease become difficult if not impossible. Worrying effectively drains the colour from our lives.  Plus stating the obvious doesn't worry and stress make us unhappy? And don't a lot of people overeat when they are unhappy and stressed.

People confuse being relaxed about achieving a goal with not caring and worrying about achieving a goal with caring.  This is a misconception that can cause us unnecessary difficulty and pain.  You don't need to worry about your weight as worry is never needed but you might want to start caring.  Caring about you, your weight, you health and happiness.  If you start caring about something don't we naturally look after it? So relax as most things are better and easier when we are relaxed.

Secondly. Invest in you.  Whatever route you decide to take to achieve your weight loss goal it will be easier and your chance of success greater if it enhances you day to day living. If whatever you decide to do can be seen as being positive or an investment in you.

What people sometimes forget is that we are human beings and programmed to survive.  In fact the primary function of your brain is to keep you alive. So quite simply if anything is perceived as being detrimental to your survival your brain or the unconscious part of the mind will stop it happening.  This is the reason why we often find it very difficult to deprive ourselves or even go without.  Punishing schedules, the no pain no gain philosophy to exercise is also difficult to maintain.  Even if you really want to get slim you seem to sabotage your best efforts. You are in a conflict situation with yourself.

However if the route that you choose to take involves you really looking after yourself and your body this supports the primary function of your brain. Therefore there will no conflict when you invest in you.

You might need to eat really well and do exercise that you enjoy.  You might need to make time for yourself and priorities your needs for a change.  And as a result you might find that something really wonderful happens to your confidence and your self-esteem in the process.  You might find that you feel really good about yourself.  And naturally the better you feel about yourself the easier it will be to look after yourself and the circle continues.

People think it is really difficult to gain a slim and healthy body but this is only the case if you make it difficult for yourself.  Perhaps you might not know how to make it easy for yourself and might even be confused by the myriad of weight loss information available.  If this is the case I am here to help. I do run a very successful Hypnotherapy Weight LossProgramme which changes people's relationship with food whilst building confidence and self-esteem.  Most of my former clients considered it to be a very good investment.

Have a very happy New Year.

To contact us, call on 07715579156, or request a call back here.

What are you really giving up when you "give up" smoking?

Posted 20 December 2012

I make absolutely no secret of the fact I used to smoke. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of this fact. It was something that I did for a great many years and at one point I actually thought it was an integral part of my personality. I was a smoker. It wasn't something that I did, it was who I was. It did indeed define me.

I was also a political smoker. I would stand up for my right to smoke and be uncompromising about smoking. I would light up whenever and wherever I chose regardless of who was there or their thoughts about smoking. If I was asked to put my cigarette out quite frequently I would refuse.

I was also what a lot of people would call a heavy smoker. When I could smoke at my desk I would happily smoke 40 cigarettes per day. If I was going out for the evening I could easily smoke 20 before last orders where served.

I have calculated, based on the cost of cigarettes today that I have spent over £50K on cigarettes in my life which is a considerable amount of money. However if I hadn't stopped you could add another £250K to this figure, that's if I was lucky enough to live another 50 years.

Now some people will be horrified by those figures but I guess most smokers have already done the maths and know how much their relationship with cigarettes costs them financially. And does it really matter how much we spend if what we get back in return is worth it? Couldn't we easily spend as much if not more on holidays, clothes, hobbies, cars even high-end skin care? Is a life without pleasure a life worth living?

I have never been a fan of doing without the things that I want and I wouldn't as a therapist suggest or recommend that this is a suitable way for anyone to live their life. Human beings tend not to respond well to either being deprived or feeling deprived. It tends to result in people feeling quite resistant and aggrieved. In fact I actively encourage people to do what they want to do with their lives but only after they have woken up to the reality of the life they are living.

Ironically, as a therapist who uses hypnosis as a tool for change, my work does involve waking people up to reality, thus enabling them to see things the way they really are. And when people wake up to the reality of cigarettes they realise they are getting absolutely nothing from them at all. And they stop smoking.

When I was woken up to cigarettes, I stopped in an instant and never looked back. I see people smoking in the street, in their cars and even in their homes and I do not envy these people. They are doing something that I could no longer imagine doing and now makes little or no sense to me whatsoever. There was no motivation involved, I can't remember any withdrawal symptoms and I did not gain any weight. My life as an ex-smoker is calmer and I am more focused and generally happier. Plus I smell sweeter too.

Perhaps you are reading this blog because you no longer want to smoke but don't know how to stop. Perhaps you are nervous that you might not be able to cope without cigarettes in your life. Or alternatively you might have the smokers' conflict "you know you shouldn't smoke but you want to".

As an ex-smoker I understand and I'm happy to help you if you want a hypnotherapist to wake you up.


Learn more about using hypnotherapy to stop smoking or call on 07715579156 to find out how we can help.

Why wait to lose weight?

Posted 10 December 2012
  • Imagine starting the New Year feeling positive and in control of your weight.
  • How good would it feel to say "I don't need to diet this year" because you have not gained weight over the holidays?

This is all possible and achievable for you if you take control of your weight now, rather than waiting until January.

Lots of wonderful things are associated with the festive season, including a vast array of enticing foods and even more opportunities to indulge.  The supermarket shelves are stacked high with rich and luxurious goodies that seem to just find their way into our shopping trollies unconsciously.  It almost  feels rude - and a bit odd - not to buy shortbread biscuits, chocolates or mince pies as we head into December.  And even if we never normally drink at home this is the one time of year you can guarantee that bottles of creamy liqueurs, wines and spirits will be flying off the shelves as the cash tills ring and the brewery bosses cheer.

And the festive season is also a fantastic time to socialise with friends and work colleagues, and this often involves a meal and drinks.  During the year when there are so many demands on our time and finances, being sociable can often be the last thing on our list of priorities.  So what better time than December to catch up, when we are actively encouraged to party?   We get given time away from work to do so and permission form our nearest and dearest to enjoy ourselves.  Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings good cheer….and those extra pounds on our waistlines as well, unless we make the decision now to take charge and behave differently this year.

So what could be better- great food, fine wine and great friends?  We have more options open to us, which is great if we can make good choices from them.   But what happens when you can't make these good choices?  What happens when your relationship with food is so bad that you are out of control?   Then you binge-eat, feel bad and gain weight.  Not such an issue perhaps if you are under weight or even within a healthy weight band, but how good would it feel to control your food, and not have it control you?  And if you are already overweight, then this is even more important - yes, you can break the cycle of dependency on food that you use to make yourself feel good.


By starting the weight loss programme now you will change your relationship with food forever.  You will be in control of what you eat not just at Christmas but throughout the year, and for every year from now on.  And that will feel so much better than any food could make you feel.

So call me now or drop me a line, and begin your new relationship with food….

Call on 07715579156, or request a call back here.

Executive Stress Management

Posted 20 November 2012

Recently one of my former clients - whilst referring another of his colleagues to me for stress management - suggested that I formalise a standard solution that could be marketed for 'executive' clients.

His reasoning behind this suggestion was quite simple: he believed key executive personnel within any organisation could actually be more likely to be in situations that could result in stress, whilst being less likely to have peer support.  He also added that, due to the need to inspire confidence amongst others including employees, directors and shareholders, executives sometimes felt that it was impossible to even acknowledge that there was an issue, let alone take steps to address it.  Executive personnel therefore find themselves in a unique situation that requires a tailored, dedicated solution.

As a former "stress head" (my client's words, not mine) he knew that stress was a killer of his creative and strategic thinking, problem solving ability and business acumen.  In addition, he sought my services for stress management because he was able to acknowledge that stress wasn't just jeopardising his business and financial future but it was also damaging his health and his relationships with the people most important to him.  He worked long hours and his role involved frequent travel, which exacerbated the overall stress and feelings of isolation.  However, whilst acknowledging this situation he also believed that taking time away from his business would have far-reaching and negative consequences, so this was not an option for him.  My former client needed to address the stress in his life whilst continuing to function at a very high level because he needed to and other people needed him to.

My former client believed that his situation wasn't exceptional but more likely to be the norm for senior personnel working in the UK.  As a consequence, he believed that the service for stress management that he received could benefit a great many people.

I agreed with my former client when he stated that 'executive types' have unique requirements for a stress management solution, which is why I offer a bespoke solution and have done for many years. However, it is difficult to market a solution when discretion is a key element to its success, so I provide discreet, tailored support and coaching solutions to my clients that are flexible by necessity and a long way from being standard solutions.

If you would like to find out more about Stress Management solutions please contact Maria on 07715579156

New Offices in West Kirby

Posted 29 November 2010

I have a well established therapy practice in Liverpool and over the last few years an increasing number of people from the Wirral area have travelled "across the water" for treatment.  In this regard I decided that it was about time I established a practice closer to home for both myself and my potential clients.


It has taken a while to find what I considered suitable premises after discounting working from a home based office but I couldn't have chosen better than where I am currently working.


It has been two months since I saw my first client at West Kirby Osteopathy and Natural Health Clinic and I couldn't be happier.  The feedback from my clients has been hugely positive about the location and their treatment from the moment they walk through the door.


The location is ideal being opposite a train station, on a major bus route and with a car park just outside.  It really couldn't be easier or more convenient to get to.  Plus the clinic is an established centre of excellence staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals who go out of their way to make people feel at ease.  The clinic is focused on the comfort and care of the clients above all and it show.


So if you are looking for a Wirral Hypnotherapist for weight loss, smoking cessation or any other treatment contact Maria at Merseyside Hypnotherapy.  Maria is now not only a leading Hypnotherapist in Liverpool but a leading Hypnotherapist in Wirral

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Posted 30 March 2016

The most common question that I am asked when anyone enquires about the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programme is "will it work"?  And I will explain that losing weight is one of the easiest things that a person can do.  In fact people are losing weight without any effort all over the world today.  Losing weight is easier than learning to drive, using a computer and passing any academic examination.  Successful weight loss isn't dependant on IQ or skill and can be accomplished by people without any formal education or knowledge of calories or diets.


So then why are we in the middle of an obesity epidemic?  Why people who are intelligent are, well informed individuals struggling with this simple act?  It's an interesting question and one that I answer in detail on the weight loss programme.  The answer to this question has a lot to do with our beliefs about our ability and how we see ourselves.


As mentioned above I believe that losing weight is easier than learning to drive a car which requires a great deal of effort.  Although I have held my driving license for over 20 years I still remember that learning to drive was not a pleasant experience. In fact I recall it being, unpleasant, difficult, frustrating, embarrassing, time consuming and expensive.  However I stuck with it as did the majority of the people I know and they all agree to a greater and lesser extent about how awful learning to drive was.


So why do people preserver with their driving lessons because so many people do year after year and generation after generation.  How are people able to do what is required to be successful even when it is so difficult.


Having questioned people about this matter I have discovered something that I consider interesting and significant.  There appears to be two things that drivers have in common and they are as follows:


Firstly they really wanted to drive because driving meant something very important to them.  They had a clear imagine in their mind about what they would do, where they would go and who would be with them when they went to the places they wanted to go. People mentioned that having a driving licence and being able to drive would improve their lives in very specific ways.  For example it would mean they could apply for a job that they wouldn't previously have been able to apply for.  Take their friends or girlfriend out for the day easily.  Plus people spoke about independence, freedom and choice.


Secondly the non driver believed totally and completely that learning to drive would be inevitable after they had taken lessons.


The reason why I am writing about learning to drive is because I feel that this experience will be familiar to the majority of the people who visit this site.  It is a clear example of what human beings are capable off achieving if the goal is important to them and they believe it is possible.


Without exception all of my clients wishing to loss weight prior to commencing the weight loss programme believe that losing weight is difficult and have no clear image of what their life will be like when they are the weight they wish to be. These are the first two barriers that are overcome in the first of the three sessions.


So if this has sparked an interest and you want to hear more please give me a call or drop me a line.


If you are interested in Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Liverpool or Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Wirral. The number to contact is 07715 579156

Hypnotherapy in Liverpool- What to expect

Posted 21 November 2010

I dislike making generalisation especially about people mainly because they can be by definition inaccurate and therefore useless or even dangerous.  However I can with a degree of confidence and a sense of certainty state that the majority of my clients are nervous about attending their first therapy session.  In fact some of my clients are more than nervous and I understand that it has often taken a great deal of guts on their part to make the first contact.

In this respect I want to reassure anyone considering therapy that as an experienced Liverpool Hypnotherapist I appreciate that this can be the case.  Not only do I appreciate that you may be nervous I will take responsibility to make you feel more comfortable about the process from the moment you make contact. 

You can make contact by a variety of method to either ask for more information or make an appointment and I want to assure you that I am happy to elevate any fears or concerns.

I have deliberately chosen consulting rooms in Liverpool's business district that are discrete and anonymous.  Anyone seeing you entering the building would not assume that you are seeing any sort of therapist. And when you enter the building you will not be asked for your name or have to sign in a visitor's book.  All you have to do is either ask for me by name or phone my mobile and I will be with you without delay.

Client confidentiality and privacy are two of the cornerstones of any therapeutic relationship so I can't state strongly enough how seriously I take them.  If you are considering Hypnotherapy in Liverpool you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your comfort is upmost in my mind.

Merseyside Hypnotherapy offers a full range of therapeutic services including smoking cessation and hypnotherapy for weight loss at offices in Liverpool and in West Kirby Wirral.  Merseyside Hypnotherapy is quickly gaining a reputation as being one of the leading providers of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Liverpool

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Posted 30 March 2016

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking with Merseyside Hypnotherapy is quite a complex process because people's relationship with their cigarettes is complex.  This is the reason that I require 2 sessions of over 90 mins to eliminate their desire to smoke.

The programme doesn't focus on the reasons why a person shouldn't smoke because all smokers know this already.  As one client pointed out he could actually lecture on the reasons not to smoke possibly better than I could.  However these reasons haven't stopped him lighting up they just make him feel bad about doing so.

Most smokers face the following daily dilemma "I want a cigarette but I know I shouldn't have one".  It's not easy being a smoker and it requires incredible willpower.  Smokers are very strong minded intervals.  Weak willed individual don't stand outside in all weather often separated from their friends if in a social situation so they can pollute their lungs.

Smoking isn't about being sociable anymore.  It's now considered anti-social behaviour so potentially the smokers who lacked commitment and the "social smokers" have now given up smoking as it became to difficult to continue.  Today's smokers are strong willed and stubborn individuals who are unlikely to do as they are told just because someone has told them even under hypnosis.  For this reason direct or suggestion based hypnotherapy will not be very effective.  Merseyside Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Programme doesn't involve direct suggestion basically because there are better and more effective methods.  Maria the hypnotherapist is an ex-smoker and "traditional one session hypnotherapy that focussed on reinforcing what she already knew never worked.

However removing all reasons to smoke did.

And one final misconception that I hear time and time again is that people will stop smoking when they really want to.   I would like to reassure anyone who thinks this way that is not the case.  In a smokers mind there is unlikely to be an ideal time to stop smoking as it is something they actually would like to continue doing.  Part of the therapists role is to help the client stop wanting to smoke.

For more information regarding how Merseyside Hypnotherapy can help people Stop Smoking in Liverpool or Stop Smoking in Wirral please contact Maria Charnock on 07715 579156.

Merseyside Hypnotherapy is a leading Liverpool Hypnotherapy practise with new offices in West Kirby Wirral.



Getting over an Ex.

Posted 10 November 2010

The end of a relationship is always painful even if you are the person who has made the difficult decision. However that pain can be for some people nearly unbearable especially if the decision was taken out of their hands and they are still very much in love with their ex partner.

If we lived in an ideal world this wouldn't ever happen.  We would never be dumped by someone that we loved.  We would never have to deal with this level of rejection, feel this loss or have are self imagine damage in such a way.

Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world and I personally have had to deal with this situation on more than one occasion. So has everyone that I know either socially or professionally.

Being attractive, intelligent, wealthy, humorous and generous does not give us immunity.  We are all vulnerable, it can happen to us all at any time and there may not be anything we could do or could have done to stop it.

You might think that when this happens some global or karmic balance might come into play and we can have the space that we need to heal. That we are given time to lick our wounds before we have to face the world and are ex. unfortunately this is rarely the case.

Often we are required to brush ourselves down and pick ourselves up and go to work, and act like competent mature adults.  Perhaps we may be given a little leeway if the relationship was a long one and children are involved but the world in general requires us to participate as normal.  ASAP.

To make matters worse we might even have to see our ex on a regular basis and it is frown upon in work and in most social situations to burst into tears and shout and scream.  We have to behave with a level of dignity and reserve that we might not feel.

Our lives are so intertwined with the lives of others that it is normally impossible to have an instantaneous clean break.  We might live or work together, have shared friends and interests, join finances or have children.  So for many people their ex is likely to still be in their life for some considerable time.  Even if a clean break is possible our ex can still be in our heads.

As bad as this might sound it can for some be even worse depending on the reason for the break up and what happen leading to the break up.  If you are dumped for someone else perhaps someone that you know or lies and deception where involved the pain can be immobilising.

So how would it feel if you just fell out of love with your ex?  Won't that be wonderful?

Well you can!

Imagine how you would feel if you could focus all you energy on making a great life for yourself.

Well you can!

People know that you can use hypnotherapy to stop smoking and hypnotherapy for weight loss but hypnotherapy combined with NLP can help people in so many other ways.

To find out more about this empowering and liberating solution contact Maria Charnock on either 07715 579156 or by email

Merseyside Hypnotherapy provides a wide range of therapy services using a combined approach of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP.  If you require any information relating to Hypnotherapy in Liverpool or Hypnotherapy in Wirral please contact Maria who will be happy to speak to you regarding your requirements.



Hypnotherapy in the Wirral

Posted 30 March 2016

After numerous requests for Hypnotherapy in the Wirral and what seems like an age looking for suitable premises I am pleased to announce that Merseyside Hypnotherapy now has a practise in West Kirby. With effect from October I have joined West Kirby Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic which is an established centre for complementary medicine offering a broad range of therapies.

This unique and professional centre is staffed by a highly skilled and dedicated team ensuring that you feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door.

A full range of services will be offered including treatment for confidence and stress plus fast phobia cures, sports and life coaching. A combined approach of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP is used for maximum effect.

If you are looking for a Hypnotherapy to stop smoking in the Wirral West Kirby Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic is ideally situated. The Clinic is centrally located at 70-72 Grange Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 4EG with easy access on foot or by car. There is free car parking outside the Clinic and we are also close to the railway station.

Booking an appointment has never been easier you can either contact me on 07715 579156.

Merseyside Hypnotherapy renowned weight loss programme will also be offered from the clinic so if you require Hypnotherapy for weight loss in the Wirral there is no better venue.

Find me at:- The Cotton Exchange, Bixteth Street, Liverpool L3 9JR - Hypnotherapy In Liverpool or for Hypnotherapy In Wirral find me at West Kirby Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic, 70-72 Grange Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 4EG