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Advice for the people who have gained weight over Christmas

I live very much in the real world so I know that a lot of people gained weight over the festive season. It wasn’t inevitable or a foregone conclusion that this would happen but for a lot of people it did.

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Posted 17/01/2013

What are you really giving up when you "give up" smoking?

I make absolutely no secret of the fact I used to smoke. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of this fact. It was something that I did for a great many years and at one point I actually thought it was an integral part of my personality. I was a smoker. It wasn’t something that I did, it was who I was. It did indeed define me.

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Posted 20/12/2012

Why wait to lose weight?

Imagine starting the New Year feeling positive and in control of your weight.

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Posted 10/12/2012

Executive Stress Management

Recently one of my former clients - whilst referring another of his colleagues to me for stress management - suggested that I formalise a standard solution that could be marketed for 'executive' clients.

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Posted 20/11/2012

Hypnotherapy in the Wirral

After numerous requests for Hypnotherapy in the Wirral and what seems like an age looking for suitable premises I am pleased to announce that Merseyside Hypnotherapy now has a practise in West Kirby.

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Posted 30/03/2016

Getting over an Ex.

How Hypnotherapy in Liverpool and Hypnotherapy in the Wirral can help you move on when I relationship ends.

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Posted 10/11/2010

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Clearing up a few misconceptions about hypnotherapy for stopping smoking.

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Posted 30/03/2016

Hypnotherapy in Liverpool- What to expect

Reassuring words for a client new to therapy

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Posted 21/11/2010

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

Does the Hypnotherapy for Weight loss Programme work?

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Posted 30/03/2016

New Offices in West Kirby

What can you expect when visiting Merseyside Hypnotherapy at West Kirby Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic?

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Posted 29/11/2010

Why wait to lose weight?

  • Imagine starting the New Year feeling positive and in control of your weight.
  • How good would it feel to say "I don't need to diet this year" because you have not gained weight over the holidays?

This is all possible and achievable for you if you take control of your weight now, rather than waiting until January.

Lots of wonderful things are associated with the festive season, including a vast array of enticing foods and even more opportunities to indulge.  The supermarket shelves are stacked high with rich and luxurious goodies that seem to just find their way into our shopping trollies unconsciously.  It almost  feels rude - and a bit odd - not to buy shortbread biscuits, chocolates or mince pies as we head into December.  And even if we never normally drink at home this is the one time of year you can guarantee that bottles of creamy liqueurs, wines and spirits will be flying off the shelves as the cash tills ring and the brewery bosses cheer.

And the festive season is also a fantastic time to socialise with friends and work colleagues, and this often involves a meal and drinks.  During the year when there are so many demands on our time and finances, being sociable can often be the last thing on our list of priorities.  So what better time than December to catch up, when we are actively encouraged to party?   We get given time away from work to do so and permission form our nearest and dearest to enjoy ourselves.  Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings good cheer….and those extra pounds on our waistlines as well, unless we make the decision now to take charge and behave differently this year.

So what could be better- great food, fine wine and great friends?  We have more options open to us, which is great if we can make good choices from them.   But what happens when you can't make these good choices?  What happens when your relationship with food is so bad that you are out of control?   Then you binge-eat, feel bad and gain weight.  Not such an issue perhaps if you are under weight or even within a healthy weight band, but how good would it feel to control your food, and not have it control you?  And if you are already overweight, then this is even more important - yes, you can break the cycle of dependency on food that you use to make yourself feel good.


By starting the weight loss programme now you will change your relationship with food forever.  You will be in control of what you eat not just at Christmas but throughout the year, and for every year from now on.  And that will feel so much better than any food could make you feel.

So call me now or drop me a line, and begin your new relationship with food….

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